World's Tallest Man

Standing 8 feet Tall| Weighing 380lbs| Shoe size 20

Aurangzeb Khan is an awe-inspiring sight. The native of Punjab, Pakistan, is the tallest man in the world. Khan does not know exactly what he weighed when he was born in home town of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. His mother was buying shoes for him all the time, every month, because Mr.Khan was changing size very fast.

"God made people short & tall," said Khan.

At the age of 18, Khan visited friends in New York in 1981 and like what he saw. He found everything in his size at "Big and Tall" shops, who now wears sports size 20 on his feet. "I was happy to stay in the United States," said Khan. Khan found work quickly in Miami in a field tailor-made for imposing figures. He became a security guard. "The company paid for a custom- made uniform," said Khan, who also worked as a cab driver, car salesman and night club security guard before joining the circus in 1997. The travel involved in his current career has presented a new set of challenges. On airplanes, he has to sit by the emergency exit and also put the armset up. Hotel bathrooms are not much more accommodating to Khan, where he often has to sit down to shower and shave. He will use an ice bucket to pour water over himself. The mirror is too small the he cannot see his face at all. He is happy being 8 feet tall, but he would have been just as happy if rose to only 5 feet.